Usama Bin Iqbal

Strengthening Nation!

Training Profile

One of the core principles of Mr Usama Iqbal life is 'Knowledge and Experience is like a glass. You cannot pour more material in it. Till you take something out of it' . Moreover he blindingly agrees to the concept that 'One should always give something back to his community and homeland'.

He beliefs that each individual is born with a light within which waits to get ignite and if properly guided and trained, it  may result in shinning the rest of world by that very one particular individual.

Though training and development is a lengthy process but it took a Caterpillar 100 years to become a Butterfly. Life salute those who dare to take Step. Those who afraid to fall will never have wings and his purpose is to make people Fly

A number of training modules are available on Technical and Technological Sides. But Mr Usama Iqbal conduct all training on Human Side as 'world relates with Human and Man made machine' rather vice versa principle is been applied generally.

Trainers train Organization but Mr Usama Iqbal believes in training Individuals from Organization. By the grace of Al Might Allah he have successfully taught and train more than 500 Professionals of this country belonging to diversified backgrounds, relating to various disciplines and working in diversified fields           ( Banking, Shipping, Communication, Trade, Constructions, Information Technology, NGOs etc)

Training Disciplines


Learn to Market your business , How to convert a  small idea into a Big Business , Advertising strategies that suits your business, Basics of Marketing.

Human Resource

Learn New Ways to all aspects of Human Resource Management (Planning, Recruitment , Selection, Training and Development, Performance Management, Reward Management, Employee Relations, Conduct better interview, Get Cooperation without resentment)


Essentials of Leadership, Become a Leader, Attain Popularity, Stand out in Crowd,  Break the Rules,  Know your Rights,  Know your values.


Boss Management, Wife Management, Employee Management, Business Management, Time Management, Relationship Management,Self Management, Thought Management.


Overcome Obstacles in Life, Case Studies, Crush your Fear, First Step, Forget your past, Overcome your Wounds,Turn failure into Success, Use Weakness as Strength.


Customer Care, Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction, Complaints Handling, Arguments Handling, Know your customer better , Understanding Customer better, Partnership with Customer

Research Training

Basics of Research, How to conduct different Researches ( Research Proposal, Research Project, Research Paper, Research Articles,) , How to write Literature review,  How to Design Questionnaire , Spss Software, 

Self Grooming

How to Dress, How to Communicate, How to get what you Desire,  Interview Skills, Meeting Skills, Getting Alongwith People, Learn to Say No, Handle Pressure , Better Public Relationship, Better Personality, True Professionalism.


Sales Force Management , How to Create More Sales, Selling Yourself, How to Grab International Buyers, How to capture local Market, How to become Agent of Reputable Firms.

Self Awakening

Know Yourself, Identify Hidden Talents, Turn Your Weakness into Strengths, Stress Management, Double Your Productivity , Increase Effectiveness , Enhance Creativity.


Basis of Entrepreneurship, Starting your own venture, Achieving Business Heights, Starting with very Zero cost,



Master your Presentation Skills, Overcome Fear of Public Speaking, Enhance your delivery.


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