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Freight and Trade Linkers - Freight Forwarding and Indenting Agents.

We Care Beyond Expectations


Freight and Trade Linkers is a reality of dream, an establishment of vision, an implication of a desire that was formed by one of the living legends of Shipping industry with a remarkable experience of; 50 years Mr Iqbal Yunus. This organization started as small but dynamic firm. It has a very vast history as it has undergone many changes since years but each challenge was turn into opportunity on the basis of dedication, wisdom and hard work.

FNTL is privileged  to work with leading Exporters and enjoying cordial relationship with top class shipping companies. FNTL was also known as pride of Ignazio Messina, Italy.

In 1981 FNTL was appointed as exclusive  freight   broker by Anchor Shipping and Trading Pvt Ltd. local agent for Llyod Triestino, Italy.  Currently known as Emirates Shipping During our tenure of 10 Years we have established Llyod Trestino in the local market and secured huge amount of cargo for Italian destinations , Red Sea , West Africa , Spanish Ports and Aden destinations  for 10 progressive years.

In 1988 Another great opportunity knocked at  FNTL Door on the basis of past proven record, effective marketing and passion that sail boats in dead Sea . They were  appointed as a sole freight broker by  Ignazio  Messina  where they established  them  in local market for Gulf, Red Sea , Mediterranean along with North and West African destinations by procuring  good volume of cargo  for Messina for 10 glorious years  and finally has resigned in 1998.

1998. This year was turning point in the  history of FNTL as they decided to start with their own Freight  Forwarding Business. Instead of working as a freight broker,  a new  journey began with a wider vision  to serve worldwide ports  and accordingly by the grace of Al-Mighty ALLAH every day and year was progressive for  FNTL.

2005. Passion knows no limits so in order to continue this magnificent expedition FNTL acquired Marine Bureau as their sister concern which is an International Freight Forwarding firm with ABCO International, Canada  as their Principal.

  • To become the leading Freight Forwarding firm in local and international market.

  • Turn Freight and Trade Linkers into Group of Companies which would be a combination of  Freight Forwarding, Shipping Agencies and  Warehousing and  Logistic facilities


  • We plan to be the best in the industry by introducing dynamic service pattern, out of Box thinking and to grow in such a way that would prove to be beneficial for the whole economy.

  • We dont aim to serve our stake holders which would meet their expectations only  but we desire to deliver them beyond their expectations.

  • We consider shippers concern as our duty, shipping companies laws as our responsibility and clearing agents convenience a part of our business ethics.

  • We believe that strong pillars act as basis for great building therefore our employees health, benefit, rights are also among our priorities

  • Markets we are covering

    • Cotton
    • Textile
    • Garments
    • Rice
    • Spices
    • Cement
    • Raw Cotton
    • Comber Noil
    • Cotton Waste
    • Cotton Yarn

    • Made-ups
    • Bathrobes
    • Curtain
    • C.P Goods
    • Bed Sheets
    • Terry Towels
    • Thermal Flannel
    • Blankets
    • Super Basmati
    • Long Grain White Rice I
    • IRRI 6
    • IRRI 7

    • Shirt
    • T Shirt
    • Pant
    • Jacket
    • Denim
    • Straight Spices
    • Recipe Mix


    • 33
    • 42.5
    • 43
    • 53

    Sectors Covered

    Middle East

    • Upper Gulf
    • Persian Gulf

    Far East

    • Whole China       
    • Korea
    • Colombo
    • Srilanka
    • Vietnam
    • Thailand
    • Bangkok
    • Japan
    • Indonesia
    • Malaysia
    • Philippines
    • Chittagong
    • Singapore


    • West Mediterranean
    • East Mediterranean


    • All Main Ports
    • All Inland Destinations
    • Black Sea
    • Scandinavian
    • UK
    • East Africa
    • West Africa
    • South Africa
    • North Africa
    • Indian Subcontinent
    • Australia
    • New Zeland
    South America
    • South America East Coast
    • South America West Coast
    • Central America
    • Caribbean Island