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Research Profile.

Research is a tool to understand Past, survive in Present and Excel in Future. A field that can turn Failure into Success. Mr Usama Iqbal has thirst for Knowledge and Passion for Research since the beginning. 

The world believe it as emerging field but he believes Research to be a word of GOD . As Al Mighty Allah has commended in the sacred scripture that Go and Explore the world.

Mr Usama Iqbal has conducted many researches in different fields. His passion for exploration knows no limits and therefore he has versatile experience of catering researches into different fields like (Shipping. Banking, Economics, Textile, Cotton, logistics, Marketing, Human Resource, Management, Operation, MIS, Information Technology, Human Behavior, Finance, E Commerce, Strategy).

He have also conducted researches on few topics that he believes are sensitive and hold significance in society and life but are been commonly ignored by majority. 

Few of the major topics relates to Different Religions, History of World , Evaluation of Mankind, Angels, Devils, Djins, Prophets, World Geography, Future Prophecies and prediction. He also love exploring the fields of Psychology and philosophy . He beliefs that Knowledge is Ocean and Every drop is Ocean.

He also have experiences presenting Research in National and Defending Research in International Research conference. He also has been teacher to MS / MPhill / PHD batches.

He has also supervised many dynamic researches in field of Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Economics , MIS, Soceity Welfare.

List of Discipline and topics are provided below.



1. Measuring factors responsible for declining   Airline Industry of Pakistan  by Mr Ghufran Owais

2. Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Call Centre A case study of UFONE Pakistan by Shahzaib Khaliq and Muhammad Adeel

3. Implication of E Commerce Application and measuring its effect upon buying behavior. A  analysis of Ruler Area of Pakistan by Mr  Aamir Jawed

4. Rise of Social Media . A shift of trust from word of mouth  in consumer dynamics.  by Arsalan Ahmed

5.Investigating impact of Social Media influence on Female Buying Behavior Habbits by Mr Muhammad Haroon and Mr Shariq Dilshad

6.Challenges faced by Banking Industry of Pakistan in the perspective of Global Financial Crisis by Mr Syed Saad Ahmed Kazmi.  An analysis of Banking Sector of Pakistan

7. Unethical Practice in Pharmaceutical Industry.  A critical analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan by Mr Kaiser John.

8. Role Social Networking in   knowledge management. Underlying factors and predicting challenges by Miss  Laila Abdul Rahim

9. Customer Satisfaction level and challenges in mobile banking adoption by Miss Mehreen Sheikh. An analysis of Pakistan Banking Indsutry.

10. Effect of Recession on consumer buying behavior and measure its underlying effect by Mr Arshad Mehmood


11. Analyzing Customer Feedback Process and measuring its  affects upon  Shan Foods Brand Loyalty by Mr Javed Iqbal

12. Evaluating effect of online shopping upon traditional pattern of  Shopping . Measuring consumer shift dynamics by Mr Janika Pennefather 

13. Impact of advertising practices and its effect on consumer behavior. A case study on advertising industry of Pakistan by Mr Muhammad  Faisal

14. Performance Analysis of Pakistan Textile Industry and future Prospects by Mr Muhammad Imran.

15. Measuring the relationship between unethical Marketing practices and its impact on sales of garments in Pakistan by Mr Raja Uzair Irshad. 

16. Factors affecting Consumer Buying Behavior towards branded lawn in Pakistan by Atif Majeed

17. Factors affecting the sale of Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan by Muhammad Kamran Khan. An analysis of Automobile Industry. 

18. Corporate Branding Strategy: Measuringthe impact of corporate image dimension on horizontal line extension by Muhammad Irfan Hassan Mirza

19. Impact of Advertisement upon Consumer Subconscious Mind . A research on Karachities by Miss Shabana Qureshi , Miss Sadaf Rajput, and Miss Sarah Jawaid and Ayesha 

20. Event Management as a new source of emerging business. Evaluating a new entrepreneurial  shift mechanism by Jules Crasto and Noman Virani

21.Advertising strategies  of fast food industry  and its  influences consumer upon buying behavior habbits by Miss Tehraam Fatima , Mr Arsalan Nisar and Mr Mubashair saleem

22. Performance analysis of Multinational companies and  underlying factors  for its close down in Pakistan. By Miss Sahiba Shah, Miss Sherry sardar, Miss sara manzorr  and Mr rajab saeed, Mr badar hamdani

23.Declining business on local market and survival issues of small traders  by Mr Nageed Ather

24. Implication of GSP plus and its effect upon Pakistan economy. An analysis of Pakistan textile industry by Ubaid Ur Rehman and Arshad Alam 

25. Establishing food banks and underlying factors. Challenges and opportunities in Asia Region. A comparative analysis of Pakistan. By Ali Ayaz and Miss Sheema Burney.

26. Performance Analysis of Air Cargo industry. An analysis of Past and future forecast. A case study of Pakistan Air industry by Kashif Nawaz

27. Performance analysis of Pakistan Railway & underlying Problems by Faizan Nasir , Miss Asma Ghauri, Miss Ghazala and Miss Mehreen Sheikh

28. Declining Pakistan industry and falling Pakistan economy. A case study of Pakistan Textile Industry by Mr Muhammad Zahid , Mr Nasir Tirmizi, Miss Anna Zaidi , Mr Tahir Jawed and Mr Haris Arsalan and Mr Tahir Jawed

29. Factors influencing decline of Pakistan Steel Mills and its effect on Pakistan Economy. A case study of falling pillars of Pakistan industry by Miss Sana Istiaq, Miss Saima Razzak and  Miss Sara Naseem

30.Comparative analysis of Pakistani  food and international fast food. Predicting future prospects international  fast food industry in Pakistan by Mr Mohammad Ali, Mr Hammad  Samoore, Mr Sharukh Akhtar and Wahab Mughal

31. Examining the factors behind the monopoly in   Automobile sectors. A analysis of Automobile Manufacturer  by  Mr Areesh Ansari,  Mr Syed Irfan,  Mr Omer Shahid , Mr Muhammad Hamza and Mr  Tabish kareem and Mr sumair khan

32.Evaluating factors that cause Milo towards decline and Re Positioning  as Energy drink by Mr Syed Faisal, Miss Kanwal Doulat ,Mr  Usman Malik and Mr Nabeel  Ahmed

33. Lack of Infrastructure effecting supply chain industry in disastrous manner. A case study of logistic sector of Pakistan by Usama khan

34. Measuring the impact of advertising on Consumer Buying Behavior and predicting its underlying affect By Mr Arif Khan

35. Determinants of On-Line marketing those affect Firms. A case study of Online Shopping dynamics By Miss Zainab Ayub

36. To predict the Impact of Relationship Marketing and evaluate its underlying impact upon Customer Retention. An analysis of Pharmaceutical Industry by Maryam Ali Dhol

37. Impact of Poor Service quality on customer satisfaction and needs in Banking sector by Mr Khurram Niaz

38. Evaluating success and Awareness level of Packed Food in the mind of consumers. A comparative analysis of packed food industry by Mr Jahanzaib

39. Predicting Effectiveness of Total Quality Management and evaluating its effect on Customer satisfaction by Saad Ahmed Khan

40. Barriers to adopting of Online Shopping and Scope in Pakistan by Mr Talha Warsi

41. Increasing Technological Advancement , Deviating Customers and Lowering Customer Retention. A comparative analysis of online good industry in Pakistan by Mohsin Ali Leghari

42. Increasing technological advancement and deckling customers of PIA by Mr Raza Khalid Qureshi

43. Impact of Free Sampling on Sale of Product by Mr Farooq e Azam

44. Export Leftovers, defected goods, clearance of sales and Potential Buying response of the Taregt Market by Mr Isfand YAR

45. Impact of advertising and its affect upon consumer behavior by Mr Sanjay Kumar

46. Role of Social networking websites in promoting small business by Miss Farah Poonawala

47. Factors influencing Online selection criteria of Online Fashion Store by Miss Laraib Waraich

48. Factors influencing purchase decision of Branded Clothes by Mr Hafeezullah Sheikh

49. Factors influencing online shopping perception & online shopping barriers of market consumer prospective by Mr Faisal Ali

50. Impact of Global Specialization and Measuring its adverse effect upon Textile Industry of Pakistan by Mr Abdul Mateen Batavia

51. Factors Effecting Honda Atlas Cars Reduce Sale in Pakistan. An anaylysis of Automobile Industry of Pakistan by Mr Mubashir Hussain Siddiqui

52. Measuring ways and accessing strategies for local products to compete in international market. A way to compete with Chineese Products. A global perspective by Mr Talha Qamar

53.Factors infleucing Emerging Day Care Centre in Pakistan by Miss Asma Zaffar

54. The impact of word of mouth reality or myth on consumer perception of preferences. A case study of General behavior by Mr Hafiz Muhammad Mustafa

55. Impact of below the line Marketing (BTL) activities on Sale of Calcuim Product. A case study of Getz Pharma by Mr Asadullah Khan

56. Measuring the factors influencing of students in selecting the Higher Education Institution by Mr Mohsin Hassan

57. Impact of Maintaining Relationship Marketing and its effect upon Customer Satisfaction by Misss Quratul ain

58. Evaluating impact of advertisement practices and measuring its effect upon children behavior. An analysis of Educator School by Mr Muhammad Aamir

59. Changing Consumer Prefernces from Traditional to Modern Trade. A analysis of consumer dynamic shift by Mr Mohammad Salman

60. Revival of Pakistan International Airline. An Empircal study of surviving pillar of Pakistan by Syed Muhammad Nasir

61. Factors of a Stressful Environment in Call Centre by Miss Saher Kabani

62. Evaluating the factors contributing towards decline of Pakistan Entertainment Industry and viewers analysis of Pakistan Film Industry. A case study of lost Paksitan Media Industry

63. Impact of Celebrity Endorsement to Increase Product Sale by Miss Maria

64. Implication of Online / E Banking service & predicting its effect on consumer Behavior by Miss Sahreen Anwar

65. Evaluating Sales and operation conflict and measuring its adverse effect in client satisfaction by Mr Syed Asad

66. Customer Feedback process affects Shan Foods Brand Loyalty by Mr Javed Iqbal

67. Impact of Online shopping o Traditional In Store Shopping by Miss Jannika Penefather

68. Implementation of E Commerce and its resulting impact upon customer satisfaction by Miss Neelum Malik

69. Evaluating General and Trade Marketing Preferences and measuring its impact upon consumer behavior by Mr Usama Bin Ajaz

70. Factors Influencing Nutraceutical brand and its impact upon Consumer behavior. A Case study of Pakistan Nutraceutical Industry by Mr Talha Nafees uddin

71. Patients Satisfaction in the field of Hospitality and reason of Dissatisfaction. A Case study of Aga Khan University Hospital by Mr Nasir Rafiq

72. Measuring Impact of Human Audit upon Organizational Growth. A Human Resource Perspective by Mrs Mehreen Noman

73. Performance Analysis of steel industry and future prospects. An analysis of Pakistan economic assets by Mr Asif Bashir

74. Factors influencing decline of Cement Export and measuring its effect upon Economy of Pakistan by Mr Zubair Khan

75. Implication of Customer Service and Product Quality upon Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty by Mr Zohaib Jamil Khan

76. Evaluating Factors Contributing Towards Switching of Field Force and Formulating. A Retention Mechanism. An Empirical Analysis of Sigma Pharma by Mr Anwar Kamal

77. Prevailing Unethical Practices in pharmaceutical industries and its structuring its preventive mechanism. A case study of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry by Mr Muhammad Babar

78. Impact of internet banking on consumer buying behavior in Pakistan by Mr Muhammad Hassan

79. Television viewing habits in Pakistan during the cricket worldup. A view perspective by Mr Shehzad

80. Factors influencing selection criteria of online shopping by consumers. An analysis of Emerging E Commerce sector by Mr Shaikh Muhammad Owaisa

81. Impact of Fluctuating prices and measuring its underlying impact upon consumer behavior by Mr Muhammad Zubair Khan

82. Predicting Impact of Social Media Effectiveness upon Non user of this medium. By Mr Muhammad Abdul Rafay

83. Impact of Marketing campaigns on different advertisers on customer retention and loyalty by Mr Nouman Saleem

84. Impact of Brand on the current and potential customers and strategies to improve the brand. A case study of JS Bank by Miss Marium Chowdery

85. Predicting Impact of E Banking on Traditional Banking . A Comparative analysis of E Banking and Traditional Banking. A measure of perception, choice and preference of Pakistan Banking Sector by Mr S M Shabih Hassan

86. Effect of product packaging on consumer behavior. A pharmaceutical perspective by Mr Mohammad Noman Haider

87. Evaluating Effectiveness of sales and measuring its impact upon Organizational Growth by Mr Noman Hussain.

88. Factors influencing date Export and evaluating future prospects by Mr Hamid Hassan

89. Factors influencing Rice Export and evaluating future prospects by Mr Awais Khatri

90. Decline in face to face communication due to Technological advancement by Mr Muhammad Younus

91. A comparative analysis of Digital and Tradiontonal Marketing. A Case study of Customer Prefernces by Mr Sajid Lakhai

92. Measuring and depicting ways to create Affordable Market by Mr Muhammad Farhan Khan

93. Factors influencing small retailers business and finding ways of survival by Mr Hafiz Muhammad Noman.

94. Predicting ways and depicting measures of Making Expensive Medication Affordable for local Public of Pakistan. An pharmaceutical industry analysis




1. Financial Problems faced by Small Medium Enterprises of Pakistan by Mr Muhammad Shahbazafar


2. Factors Influencing Fluctuating Interest rate of Pakistan in last decade by Mr Muhammad Owais


3. Evaluating the Performance of Stock Exchange on the basis of Monopoly Criteria. An analysis of Karachi Stock Exchange by Muhammad Haider Bilal


4. Impact of Working Capital Management on firm Profitability. A Karachi based study of the


5. Role of Capital Structuring in economy of Pakistan by Syed Danish


6. Attitude of Investor towards different investment Avenue. Predicting behavior and measuring relationship by Mr Rizwan Ali


7. Impact of maintaining Discount rate changes and evaluating industry stock returns in Pakistan by Mr Tauseef Raza


8. Impact of interest rate & its effect upon consumer spending. An analysis of FMCG sector by Mr Rush Sohail,Mr  Waqas sanhdu and Mr Ummair razzak


9. Impact of Saving and Consumption on consumer daily life. A case study of local Man by Arsalan Subhan


10. De Stabilization of KSE Market index. Analyzing trends and forecast future prospects. A case study of KSE by Mr Khuram Aslam Mr Muhammad Yaseen and Waheed Nawaz and Mr Manzorr Rajper and Miss Sana Marium


11. Islamic Banking a solution for humanity. A comparative analysis of Islamic and conventional system by Mr Haris Khan and Mr Aslam Kamalani


12. Impact of increased duty and its effect on Pakistan Economy by Mr Noman Mujtaba and Mr Mr Usman Tahir and Mr Saleem Shiraz


13. Application of true Islamic Banking and its essence in society. An evidence from Islamic Banking Industry of Pakistan by Mr Muhamamd Arif Khan


14. Impact of Customer Service on Customer Satisfaction in Banking Sector of Pakistan by Mr Khurram Shahood


15. Risk Management in Islamic Banking. A comparative analysis of Pakistan Banking Industry by Mr Muhammad Ilyas Khan


16. The impact of various factors on the Implementation of Islamic Banking system in Pakistan by Mr Syed Shakir Ul Haq Haqqi


17. Evaluating problems faced by Islamic Banking Industry in expanding their network by Mr Aamir


18. Influence of fluctuating discount rate and its effect on equity returns. An analysis of KSE by Mr Ali Naveed


19. Measuring Implication of Anti Money Laundering system. An analysis security measures of Pakistan Banking Industry by Mr Ahmed Raza Shah


20. Impact of Working capital Management on Firms Profitability by Mr Bilal Rasool


21. Factors influencing small investor low investment in stock market by Mr Irfan


22 .Evaluating Islamic Banking profitability mechanism without use of interest in their business transaction by Miss Sadia Khan


23. Factors influencing Anti Dumping Price Regulations by Mr Muhammad Omair Rana


24. Factors Effecting Risk Management in Banking Sector by Miss Aisha Zubair


25. Rising Islamic Banking and declining conventional banking. Comparing two sides of a coin. A comparative analysis of Pakistan Banking Industry By Mr Iqbal Shah


26. Providing Non Monetary FRewards and Evalauting its Impact on the Performance of the Employees. A case study of Dolmen Real State Management Pvt ltd by Mr Sohail Ahmed


27. Lack of Financial Knowledge and Diminishing Earning Power by Mr Danish Ahmed


28. Predicting underlying effect of Inflation and measuring its effect upon health insurance sales by Mr Salman Yousuf


29.Measuring Effect of Working Capital Management and Predicting its Impact upon Pakistani Firm Profitability by Mr Muhammad Noman


30.Withholding tax and business performance, fluctuations, unstabilty and underlying concerns. A comparative analysis of Pakistan Banking Industry by Ghulam Murtaza Sohu


31.Implication of Sindh Revenue Board ( Sindh Sale Tax on Service Act , 2011) and its affect upon General banks by Muhammad Raza Modi


32. Determinants of customer choice for Commercial Banks in Pakistan. An analysis of Pakistani Banking Customer behavior by Mr Mubashar Nazar


33. Consumer behavior towards internet banking in Pakistan by Mr Fawad Bukhari


34. Measuring impact of withholding tax upon business transaction. A comparative analysis of Pakistan parallel and documented economy


35. An analysis of key factors in the adoption of Mobile Banking among customers. A Case study of Pakistani Banking Industry by Mr Muhammad Masna


36. Real Estate Investment Trust. An emerging Investment Venue by Mr Kamran Ali and Mr Tanweer Hussain


37. Impact of Implementing concept of Capitalization and predicting the impact on Sole Proprietorship by Mr Hassan Bin Umer


38. Impact of Internet Banking on Retail Banking Customer by Mr Sohail Ahmed


39. Factors Influencing Small Investor Low Interest in Stock Market by Mr Ifran


40. Performance analysis of Islamic Banking and Future Prospects. A case study of Growth, efficiency and performance of Islamic Banking. By Mr Azhar Hussain and Mr Kamran Baig


41. Measuring impact of withholding tax upon business transaction. A comparative analysis of Pakistan parallel and documented economy by Mr Majid Iqbal


42. Predicting impact of varioys teaxes upon business transactions and evaluating future prospects. An empirical analysis of Aga Khan University Hopsital by Mr Hassan Feroz Sajwani


43. Impact of Training and Development upon Organizational Performance. By Mr Durra Khan


44. Growth of Trade in light of Islamic Banking Product. A relative analysis of Banking and Trade Sector by Mr Farhad Hasnain


45. Implication of Currency Fluctuation and its adverse effect upon Economy. An analysis of Pakistan Economic Crises by Miss Zahra Sadruddin Khimani


46. Impact of interest rate upon portability of commercial banks by Mr Waseem Akram


47. Predicting Factors of Risk in investment and measuring its effect on Consumers by Miss Sadia Jahangir


48. Performance analysis of Islamic finance and ways to motivate towards rising concept of Islamic finance by Mr Zawahir Hussain


49. A comparative analysis of Insurance and Takaful. A case study of Pakistan Financial Institutions by Miss Sheena Jaweed


50. Impact of inadequate financial management upon human resource in an organization by Mr Syed Aarij Ali


51. Predicting impact of adequate working Capital Management and evaluating its effect upon business performance and Organizational Growth. An empirical analysis of Sindh Medical Stores.


52. Impact of Foreign Remittance Inflow on Economy . A case study of Pakistan by Mr Muhammad Ahsan khan


53. An analysis of Branchless Banking ( Financial Services) . A case study of Pakistan Industry by  Mr Sheikh Sarim Badar


54. Impact of Inflation and Unemployment on economic growth in Pakistan by Miss Asma Shagufta


55. An analysis of financial problems and its subsequent impact upon Sugar Industry. A case study of Pakistan Sugar Industry by Mr Sohail Ashraf


56. Impact of sane day delivery of the share upon investors by Mr Muhmmad Talha


57. Analyzing factors effecting Pakistan Stock Exchange Index Trending and forecasting future prospects by Mr Abid Ali


58. A comparative analysis of Islamic and Conventional Banking by observing its future prospects by Miss Sumera Abdul Ghani


59. Predicting influence of Dollar on GOLD and Oil. Measuring its underlying impact upon Pakisatn Economy by Miss Hifza Rasheed


60. Identification of Risk and precautionary measures to minimize risk in Branchless Banking by Mr Waqar-ul-hassan


61. Predicting the impact of dollar in Online Trading Markets and evaluating underlying factors. An analysis of Pakistan Economy By Mr Malik Awais


62. Effects of Cash Flow upon Profitability of Firm and suitable measures for better management by Mr Syed Nayyar Sajjad Naqvi


63. Consumer behavior towards conventional banking product and its underlying impact by Mr Waqar Ali Daewani


64. Performance analysis of Islamic banking industry and its future prospects by Mr Faisal Mahmood Ali


65. Predicting Relationship between stock Exchange and Economic Development of Pakistan by Mr Saad Ali


66. Impact of Political News on Stock Market. A case study of Pakistan Stock Exchange by Mr Latif Awan


67. Predicting Impact of withholding tax and evaluating its effect upon banking profitability . A case study of Pakistan banking industry by Mr Shah Hussain


68. Factors influencing Growth of Ravi Gas Pvt Ltd. A strategic financial Analysis by Mr Adnan Hussain Azad.


69. Impact of Foreign direct investment upon Pakistan Economy. An Economic analysis by Mr Sadiq Ali


70. Evaluating Resistance factors and predicting outcome measure of core banking software by Mr Fayyaz Ahmed


71. Impact of Income Tax and Recession of Frieght Forwarding Industry in Pakistan by Mr Muhammad Zubair Rafiq

Human Resource Management:


1. Implication of Evaluating Performance Management and measuring its effect on employee ethics. A case study of Genix Pharma  Pakistan by Madiha


2. Impact of Excessive Employee workload  upon the  working capability of Organization.  A Case Study of  Gulam Faruque Group by Syed Asim Ali



3. Cost reduction and Termination of Human Resource department. Challenges and threats for Human Resource  Department  in Era of Recession  by Miss  Crisla Lawrance


4. Employee Turnover in Private Organization is greater than Multinational Organizations. A comparative analysis of organizations in Pakistan  by Miss Ghazala Perveen


5. Impact of Training and development on Organizational Performance by Mr  Waseem Ahmed


6.  Emerging Politics and Power play   in Organization.  A strategy to control Politics and adverse effect on Organization.  By Mr Syed Talib Raza Naqvi


7. Exploring Factors of stress among Employees at Work Place and evaluating its underlying impact upon workers efficiency  Mr Shameer Ramzan and  Mr Qaiser Khalil


8. Impact of Providing Training and its Effect on Employee Retention. A Case study of AKS by Miss Manjula Mangal


9. The impact of strategic Human Resource Management implementation on firm performance Empirical study on the telecommunication sector in Pakistan by Mr Noman Mujtaba


10. Managing overtime in Organization leads to better stress management by Mr Nauman Sheikh, Farooq e Azam and Hashim Raza


11. Impact of Centralization in a De Centralized Environment. A tool to enhance productivity and efficiency in Organization by Kamran Naeem, Sajid Khan


12. Implication of providing intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and its effect on organizational commitment. A case study of Government hospital by Kifayat Hussain


13. Factors affecting Employee Turover Rate and managing Human Capital . A case study of Lotte Chemicals Ltd ( Pakistan) by Mr Onais Pasha


14. Training and development leads to High Performance Management by Mr Saif Munir


15. Impact of Reference Hiring on Employee Motivation and Behaviors by Mr Aleemuddin


16. Effectiveness of Training and Development on Employee Performance in Organization by Miss Saima Bukht 


17. Implication of Employee Involvement and its underlying affect upon Organizational Commitment. A neglected role of Human Resource Department. A case study of HBL by Miss Farina Saleem


18. Does Motivation acquire workforce to increase productivity by Miss Tasleem Datoo


19. Human Resource Department termination as results of Cost Cutting Strategy. A study of unwise strategic move by Miss Crisla Lawrance


20. Old Managers declining capabilities and rising organizational culture. An analysis of OLD Style management in Organization by Faizan Ahmed and Asalam Noor Ali


21. Impact of Training and development on organization Performance by Mr Waseem Ahmad


22. To predict the impact of flexible office timings and measure its underlying impact upon employee productivity by Mr Muhammad Sumair Khan


23. Employee Retention with learning and development by Miss Fizza Saeed


24. Proper self grooming and its impact upon career Life. A case study of Career Enhancement and Career Advancement by Miss Sana Ishtiaq


25. Measuring Employee satisfaction level in news electronic media of Pakistan by Mr Hasham Haider


26. An analysis of lacking HRM practices in petroleum Sector. An emerging field and declining sector by Mr Mazhar Malik


27. Predicting Impact of Training and evaluating underlying factors by Miss Diana Paul


28. Impact of Employee Motivation and Job Satisfaction in the Organization by Mr Shayan Ahmed


29. Prevailing Motivational Practices and pertaining satisfaction level of Employees. An analysis of Pakistan Banking Industry by Miss Humera Mateen


30. Rewarding Employee versus punishing them. A comparative analysis of two distinct Human Behavior Techniques by Mr Sahahzad Shah


31. Impact of Employee Retention over the Organizational Commitment by Miss Mehreen Kanwal


32. Impact of Excessive work hours upon Employees and measuring its effect upon Organization by Miss Rahat un Nisa Barakzai


33. Impact of Training and Development on Organizational Growth. A Case study of Textile Sector of Pakistan. By Mr Hunaiz Ali kha Shahrukh.


34. Predicting factors influencing reward system and their effect upon performance . A case study of Pakistan Education Sector by Mrs Syeda Afsheen Zehra Zaidi


35. Measuring Impact of Training and Development and Evaluating its Effect Upon Organizational Performance by Mr Naveed Pardesi


36. Predicting the Impact of employee motivation and evlauting their changing behavior and its effect on the organizational success. A case study of Liaquat National Hospital by Mr Stepehen Michale D Souza


37. The Effect of Organizational Environment on Employee Performance by Miss Faryal Alam


38. Measuring the impact of training and development and predicting its effect on Employee productivity. A HR Perspective by Mr Danish Khan


39. Impact of Low Training and Development and measuring its adverse affect. A case study of Pakistan Printing Industry by Mr Anique Ur Rehman Khan


40. Assessing behavioral change while adoption of new application software. A strategy for employee motivation by Farhan Ashraf


41. Factors influencing rigid behavior of employee in Banking sector. A behavioral analysis fof Pakistan Banking Industry by Mr Aaqib Iqbal


42. Predicting the impact of employee turnover upon Organizational Performance & Examining the underlying factors by Mr Farman Saleem


43. Implication of HR outsourcing and measuring its effect on employee psychological and behavioral attitudes. A case study of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Industry by Mr Usama Khalid


44. Impact of Managing overtime and its effect upon Productivity. An analysis of Pakistan Pharma Industry by Mr Muhammad Hashim


45. To identify the impact of Nursing turnover and measuring its effect upon Healthcare Organizational Productivity by Mr Danish Ashiq Ali


46. Impact of Human Resoruce Planning and its effect upon Performance of Financial Institution by Mr Farhan Shahzad


47. Proper Self Grooming and its Impact Carrer (A Case study of Carrer Enhancement and Advancement ) by Mrs Sana Ishtiaq


48. The impact of Strategic Human Resource Management Implementation on Firm Perforamcne. An Empirical Study on the telecommunication sector in Pakistan by Mr Noman Mujtaba


49. Employees Turnover  in Private Organization is Greater than in Multinational Organization by Miss Ghazal Parveen


50. Identifying the factors that can boost learning resulting enhanced Development of Youth by Mr Haris Hussain


51. A comparative analysis of Physical stress and Mental stress. A critical approach towards identification of more dangerous aspects of Behavior. By Miss Farnaz Arif.


52. Factors influencing Employee working relationship and measuring its affect upon Organizational Performance. An evaluation of relationship during and post working hours. By Miss Hira Hafeez


53. Predicting the impact of Training and Development in an organization and measuring its underlying effect. By Mr Zahid Mahmud.


54. Impact of Motivating employee and measuring its effect upon Employee Behavior by Mr. Muhamamd Hamza Zafar


55. Evaluating Factor effecting Human Behavior and predicting its underlying impact various aspect of Organization. An analysis of Habib Metro Bank by Mr Naveed


56. Impact of incentive and reward upon Morale of Employee. A case study of Summit Bank by Mr Syed Fahad Ahmed


60. Factors Influencing Customer Retention and formulating a retention mechanism l A case study of Toyota Southern Motors by Mr Syes Oun Abbas Kazmi


61. Impact of Foreign Pakistan National return to employment sector in Pakistan by Mr Umer Farooq


62. Empowering Employee Behavior and its Miraclous effect. An Emperical analysis by Mr Syed Khalid Sagheer


63. Impact of Training and Development and its effect upon Organizational Development by Mr Hasan Meer


64. Predicting value of management behavior and ethics in organization upon Employee working mechanisms by Mr Naveed Khan


65. Reducing Expenses in Non Profit Organization and measuring its underlying impact upon Organization Performance by Mr Zahiduddin


66. Impact of Training and Development and its effect upon Organization Commitment by Mr Amjad Ali Bukhari


67. Impact of Curriculum changes on teaching and learning of Beaconhouse School system by Miss Sarah Hussain


68. Factors influencing job satisfaction and reward system and measuring its impact on Employee Retention by Mr Saleem Shiraz



1. Factors Affecting RFID based Ticketing System for Public Transport service. A case Study of Metro Bus Service in Pakistan by Engr Mudassir Jilani

2. Smart City . Intelligent system for manufacturing and controlling of City transport mechanism by Mr Asif Panjwani and Mr Fareed ul haq and Mr Syed Danish

3. Application of E Commerce and its Impact of Buying Behavior in Ruler area of Pakistan by Aammir Jawed


4. Lack of Cyber Security and continuous Hacking threats. A negative side of technological industry in Pakistan by Mr Shah Farhan Qadeer


5. Measuring the implication of internet Banking and understanding the consumer paradigm shift by Muhammad Raza


6. Impact of buying behavior in ruler area of Pakistan by E Commerce by Mr Aamir Javed


7. Evaluating cloud computing risk and measuring its underlying factors by Mr Asif Panjwani


8. Predicting Importance of network Security system and its Application in Smart Society Case Study by Transworld Associated Pvt Ltd by Mr Amir Hussain


9. E Learning as a substitute of Traditional Education An Online Education Perspective by Mr Muhammad Mateen Khalid 


10. A comparative analysis of Simulation based Medical Teaching and Traditional Based teaching by Mr Hamza Iqbal


11. Challenges faced by Paypal in establishing Pakistani Market. An analysis of accessibility, promotion, operations. A secure payment medium perspective by Mr Sharjeel Arif


12. Massive investment and growing technology. A case study of process, application and implication in manufacturing industry of Pakistan by Mr Junaid Ali


13. Exploring reluctant attitude towards adoption of technology and predicting its adverse effect in current era. An analysis of technological advancement by Mr Muhamad Riaz Ansari.


14. Measuring Risk Assessment in Information. A MIS perspective by Mr Moeed Mukhtar

Economics :


1. Analysis of Food Crisis in remote Areas of Sindh and finding its remedy. A step towards termination of malnourishment by Mr Jameed Ahmed Baig

2. Measuring the Significance of Eco Friendly Environment and evaluating the impact on society. A step towards betterment of Karachi by Mr Tariq Iqbal and Mr Furqan Hussain

3. Evaluating Impact of Community attitude lobby system of MNC and measuring its effect s on university graduates by Mr Aman Manohar and Mr Rao Zeeshan

4. A comparative analysis of Islamic Micro Financing Institutions and Conventional Financial Institutions by Syed Abdul Waheed

5. Gold as a safe heaven. Analyzing the fundamental of Gold . An empirical Study of the factors causing movement in the gold Price by Muhammad Arsalan Hassan

6. Achieving Economic Growth by implementing Islamic Financial System by Hammad Ali and Nisar Ahmed


7. Impact of Industrialization on Pakistan Society. Measuring Changing Economic , Educational and Family Preferences  by Mr Muhammad Abbas and Mr Saqib Sheikhani

8. Improper Resource Allocation leads to Rice export deficient by Mr M shoiab , Mr M yousuf Mr Waheed murad and Mr awaiss  Mr raza Mr abid husian

9. Impact of worker Remittance on economy of Pakistan and role of banks in mobilizing remittances by Mr Mustafa Modlina, Miss Asma qadri , Mr bilal khan, Mr rana omair, Mr Syed Imran Ahmed, Mr Sama Narejo

10.Remedy to Energy crisis of Pakistan and underlying problems. A comparative analysis to find alternative solutions. A case study of Pakistan by Muhammad Haroon and Sharqi Dilshad

11. Impact of converting Pakistan resources into Gold and measure its effect on economy. A strategy for dynamic Pakistan future by Miss Ayesha Nisar, Mr Asif Shah and Mr Shamim Ahmed Mr Rashid Jawed

12. Impact of drug business and its adverse effect on Pakistan economy. A case study by Mr Farhan Khan , Mr Aziz Mali, Mr Muhammad Shafi, Mr Sher Ali Jadoon

13.Underlying factors of Load shedding and its remedy in Pakistan by Mr Yasir Mansoor, Mr Yasir, Mr Ali, Jahanzed Jahangir, Mr Waqar Ali and Mr Najeeb

14. Impact of providing Quality Education in Government sector and its effect upon Pakistan economy. A comparative analysis of education sector by Mr Usman Khan, Mr Syed Akhtar, Mr Amjad and Mr  faizan


15. Impact of Foreign Remittances upon Economic Growth. An analysis of Pakistan Economy by Khurram Khan


16. Financial problems faced by Small business of Pakistan by Mr Muhammad Shabazzfar


17. Predicting impact of Unemployment in Society by Khadija Farooq


18. Fluctuating Chinese Yarn Policy and its adverse effect upon local export of Pakistan by Miss Rehana


19. Analyzing the impact of Import Quota on Chipboard industry A study of Pakistan Formica Pvt Ltd by Mr Syed Mazhar Bukhari


20. Impact of Brain Drain on Economy and GDP Grwoth Rate by Mr Ahmed Ali


21. Improper Warehouse Management in Agricultural Commodities and its adverse affect upon Economy of Pakistan by Mr Muhammad Awais Ansari


22. Implication of GSP Plus and its effect upon Pakistan Economy. An analysis of Pakistan Textile Industry by Mr Arshad Alam


23. Predicting Underlying Effect of Inflation and Measuring its Effect upon Fast Food Industry by Mr Syed Mushtaq Ali


24. Measuring ways and evaluating mechanism to regain trust of international market. A case study of Pakistan Textile Industry by Miss Rizwana Khan


25. Economics Growth in Islamic Financial System by Mr Imran Hassan


26. Problems faced by exporters and predicting its underlying impact on export productivity. A shipping prespective by Mr Muhammad Zubair


27. Predicting impact of Government Policies and Measuring is effect on Trade Market. An analaysis of Pakistan trade market by Mr Mian Gul


28. Measuring the Effects of Fiscal Policy on the Economy of Pakistan by Mr Maaz Ur Rahim


29. Problems faced by Small Medium Enterprises in achieving huge level of Growth by Mr Syed Irfan Ahmed

Society Welfare:


1.Problem faced by Old Managers in leading an Organization in productive manner. A Case study of declining firms of Pakistan. By Mr Faizan Ahmed Mr Aslam Noorali

2. Evaluating Importance of Education in successful Entrepreneurship. A necessity or Myth by Mr Imran Ul Haq and Miss Asma Bashir Ghauri

3. Measuring motivational factors of employee that lead to a productive Organization. Discovering true motivational factors  by Miss Tasleem Datoo

4. Predicting Underlying of Teenage Suicide and providing remedy to this curse by Miss Anum Zaib

5. Current Educational sector Producing leader for tomorrow . A critical Analysis of Pakistan Universities Mr Saad Viqar Mir

6. Shisha smoking: An emerging trend and adverse effect on Pakistan Youth by Mr Tauseef Hussain, Mr Salman Raza , Mr sufian nadeem and Mr Zainab Ayub and Mr shagufta amber

7.  Implication of improving Education system and its Effect on Voting system by Nafess Baloch and Anum Ali

8. Eradication of Child Labor and creating a sustainable economy by Mr Karlye Anthony, Miss Areeba Mughal and Miss Jaquline Fernendace

9. Understanding of Pakistan Entrepreneurial culture mechanism and its effect on organizational commitment. A case study of leading Manufacturing companies by Mr Yawar, Mr Faizan and Mr awais and Mr Abbas

10. Polypropylene Innovative Eco Friendly Packaging. Aiming to Green footprint Future by Mr Tariq Iqbal , Mr Imran Ansari, Mr Talha Patel, Mr Furqan


11. Factors influencing teenage suicides and predicting remedies to Teenage Suicides. An analysis of threatening future of Pakistan


12. Do we good enough universities of produce a good leader material for country / organization by Mr Saad Viqar MIR


13. Implication of industrialization on Pakistan Society, Economics , educational and family Preferences of Pakistan Society by Mr Muhammad Abbas and Mr Saqib Shekhani


14. Evaluation and Prevention of Thelasemia . A curse in society of Pakistan by Mr Ahad Jawaid


15. Increasing Technological Advancement and Deviating Childhood Activities. A csase study of Smart Phone Activities by Mr Syed Waqas Abdali


16. Education system and Cultural Preferences. A critical analysis of profession, Passion of Education Industry by Mr Miss Ayesha Raza


17. Predicting the impact of unemployment in Society by Miss Khaidja Farooq


18. Improving Motivation and Increasing Prodicuvyt among students. A case study of Our Lady of Fatima School (OLOF) by Miss Beaula Pereria


19. Rise of Unemployment and increasing Crimal Activites by Mr Sheikh Samiullah


20. Impact of De Marketing of Products on consumers and market by Mr Nauman Shaikh


21. Increasing trend of Social Media habbits and adverse effect upon teenage life. A case study of ignored golden period of life by Miss Maira Judie


22. Female Labour Force Participation in Pakistan by Mr Tauseef Raza


23. Awarness of Packed Food in the mind of consumer. A comparative analysis of packed good industry by MrJahan Zaib

Supply Chain


1. Evaluating internal factors and measuring its effect upon Effective Procurement System of an organization by Mr Ahmer Hameed


2. Application of Lean Manufacturing Principle and its affect on Environment by Mr Faizan Ahmed


3. Measuring implication of Green Supply Chain Management Practices and evaluating Firms Effectiveness. A case study of Rajby Industries by Mr Osama Bin Nehal


4. Factors for affecting Risk Management Procedure in an organization by Miss Mehwish Ikram


5. Performance analysis of Break Bulk Shipments and its effect upon Steel Industry in Pakistan by Mr Murtaza Ahmed


6. Lack of implication of Green Supply Chain Management and measuring its adverse affect upon economy by Mr Zuhaib Khan


7. Impact of Replacing LWMS with EWMS ( SAP) on productivity of Warehousing Operation and Customer Satisfaction at DHL P&G WH by Mr Habib Mohiuddin


8. Factors influencing Risk Management in Export of Textile Industry for Mills Yarn Exporters by Mr Muhammad Ahmar Iqbal


9. Price difference in Medicines of same formulae of different Pharmaceutcal companies in Pakistan by Mr Muhammad Hassan


10. Impact of adequate Inventory Management and its effect upon upon Supply Chain by Mr Fahad Aijaz Virk


11. Implication of IT & Measuring its Effectiveness in Supply Chain Industry of Pakistan by Mr Yawar Hussain


12. Determining factors that influencing warehouse management and predicting preventive mechanism through operational cost strategy in supply chain perspective by Mr Zia Ur Rehman


13. Procurement Department Preferences upon Purchase Department. A Comparative analysis of two Pillars of Supply Chain Industry by Mr Muhammaad Faran Khan


14. Impact of Increasing Warehousing Facilities and Measuring its Effect in Supply Chain by Mr Faizan Fareed Paracha


15. The impact of Freight Forwarder in Shipping Industry of Pakistan by Mr Muhammad Umair


16. Export Industry of Pakistan and its dependence upon Foreign shipping Carriers. An empirical analysis of depending industry of Pakistan by Mr Zafar Iqbal


17. Factors influencing adequate inventory management and its underlying effect upon business performance. A case study of Pakistan Cables Limited.


18. Implementation of Safety Protocol in a manufacturing once. A case study of Fauji Fertilzers Bin Qasim Ltd by Miss Kanza Riasat


19. Lack of supply chain department and its adverse effect upon Textile Industry by Mr Danish Mirza


20. Impact of Risk Management in Supply Chain & Logistics. Investigation from Manufacturing industry of Karachi by Mr Danish Iqbal


21. Conflicts between Distribution channels due to Modern Retailing measures by Mr Syed Imam Shah


22. Predicting influence of Plastic Industries and its underlying impact upon Pakistan Economy by Mr Nasir Khan


23. Determinants of Inventory Management at Distribution channels and predicting opportunities by Mr Muhammad Aamir


24. Factors Influencing Enterprises Resource planning implementation and measuring its underlying impact. A case study of AL Razzaq Fibres Pvt Ltd by Mr Faheem Anwar


25. Managing Reverse logistic from the Perspective of Pharmaceutical Industry of Pakistan by Mr Aamir Ali Bhayo